Why We Did A Prescribed Burn And What We Learned.

This year we took on something we have never done before a prescribed burn. We acquired a new piece of hunting ground this past season.  One of the stipulations to hunt the ground was to burn about a 12 acre piece of CRP.  With both of us being new to this we did some research on the proper way to burn and the benefits it will provide to the land. 

Research & Benefits 


With some quick google work we ran into (The Benefits of Prescribed Burning on Private Land). With it and some knowledge from the land owner we made our plan of attack for burn. This being a pheasant habitat area, we knew that it would improve there habitat and nesting areas. By eliminating heavy vegetation and trees that had started to grow in the crp. We also knew it would create a  green up giving great browse for the deer on the property.



We started in the summer before the burn creating a fire break all the way around perimeter. We did this by mowing the crp very short creating a die off in the winter. We then marked all fences and plan where we wanted to start the fire and stop. Got the equipment and waited for spring to come. We wanted to burn between mid Feb. and before April. So we didn’t effect prime nesting times.

The Day Of The Burn

We waited until it was a clear day and the grass would be dry on a Friday in mid March. With a rain storm coming in that evening, we knew this would be a perfect time. We called the county and told them we would be burning and then took off for the property. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Call the county help desk. Very easy to do and take no time. This way they don’t get a hundred call about the fire and dispatch a fire department.

What We Learned

With us being a two man crew. We found out we could of used some more help right away. It broke the fire break in one spot, but we quickly got it out. With the rain that was coming in the wind wasn’t true making it a little harder to stay out of smoke line. With this being our first time we let the fire go very slowly against the wind. We shortly figured out that we could make small jumps with the fire. Covering more ground much faster. We did this by going 50 yards up and making a line of fire. Letting the wind blow fire back into area that was already burned.


The fire was a great success. We burned the whole 12 acres in about 4 hours. The land owner was very pleased and we are excited to see the wildlife utilizing the area. 

Have You Ever Done A Prescribed Burn?

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