Why There’s More To Deer Hunters Than Meets The Eye

By John Workman
Many non hunters, or even anti hunter, don’t understand the brain of a Whitetail hunter. These people have a tendency to think that we are all out to just slaughter an innocent species in its habitat. What they don’t understand is that season never ends and the care for these animals never end. The respect we as hunters pay to these animals is incredible.
Most think the last day in the stand is the end of season. But in reality season never ends for us. Within days of the last hunt, we are moving cams and feeding to find out what deer made it though the season. Helping them recover from a grueling fall breading season.
By the first signs of spring or break of winter weather we are shed hunting for antlers of those bucks who survived. Suppling mineral sights, adding feed to supplements and begin to plant food plots.

Then comes spring turkey season. When we are out there we mentally record travel routes and left over sign from previous fall. So turkey season isn’t just about chasing those notorious Toms everyone talks about. its a scouting mission as well.

When summer comes the much anticipated watching of antler growth and the birth of fawns. The trail cameras come out and many hours of silent planning and learning the movements of that amazing buck that has caught your eye begins.

Before you know it, it’s the night before opening day. Even though we know we have to be up at 4am. Our brains will not allow us to sleep. The anticipation will almost kills us. Its a year long process for another season worth of memories that will fill our lives and keep us going.

This is what we do. This is what we love. This is why we do it. 

Could you survive without deer hunting? I know we couldn’t.

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