What Makes A “Good Hunter”

Just a Georgia hunter that don’t know a thing.
By Paul E. Synoground Jr.
As a follower of Whitetail Legacy Podcast on all platforms, I see their #hardquestionoftheday on Twitter. Several questions that stirred some responses were, if someone kills a 200″ buck does that automatically make them a good hunter? Or ( I loved this one) what percentage of hunting and killing a giant whitetail is luck?
Now I know there are more animals out there to hunt besides whitetail deer, but deer is what I know and chase the most so that’ll be the most prominent species I talk about.
How many ways are there to measure a person’s ability to be a good hunter? Do they kill big bucks, do they manage does properly, do they hunt with a bow, with a gun?
Do they buy the best camo or equipment, how much time do they spend working on their property versus hunting the same piece of property?
I have some honest questions, what does it really matter? I mean who do you want to think you’re a good hunter? Do you really think buying a 500 dollar set of camouflage gives you more of an advantage over someone who buys 100 dollar camo? Does your 2500 dollar compound bow make you fell better than someone who shoots a 350 dollar bow from a big box store? I think as outdoorsmen and women we need to realize we may be pushing people out of a sport that we all love because now its a competition. 
Being a good hunter in my eyes has more to do with the person than their equipment or even their kills. I believe being a good hunter has to start with being a good human being in the first place. Do you hunt dee because it has antlers or maturity? I believe killing a mature doe can sometimes be just a challenging as killing a buck. If you had a 5 1/2 year old doe and a 2 year old 7 pointer, which would you shoot?
Being a good hunter is knowing when to, or when not to take a shot literally and figuratively. All in all, a good hunter is being true to you. Do what makes you happy. If your neighbor shoots a 200″ deer congratulate him, show him some love. I he shoots a spike or a doe even, show him that same love.
Its all about doing what makes you happy not the next guy, take your kids out and teach them the sport, get them off the couch. Am I a good hunter? By some peoples standards, probably not but I don’t care, I’m happy. We have to stop bashing each other, seriously. Honestly more people can contribute their kills to chance than they can hard work, so does that make them a good hunter because that deer happen to come by chance? Get someone new into hunting, kids, neighbors, neighbors kids, somebody anybody. Get away from the competition instead, 
Are You A Good Hunter?
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