What does your Trophy Room say about You?

by John Workman

John Workman with his ’16, ’17, ’18 mounts

As we all will hopefully be embarking on another season in the deer woods, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the past. I reflect like most people on my past seasons pretty much everyday when I look at certain walls of my house. I do have multiple deer heads mounted in house, and will hopefully be adding more in the coming years.

So what does your “trophy room,” or maybe your “man cave” really say about you? Mine kind of shows a story, starting as a beginner with a small 5 point (my first bow kill at 15), up to my more successful years. It shows a lot of what some would call “growth” as a hunter. I believe it shows the dedication I have invested, become more successful at tagging what I consider “wall hangers.” To some it may say, “wow,” and to others it may say nothing at all. To my wife it says, “those things look ridiculous on a wall.”

John’s 2018 buck

You can see first hand how technology has changed in the quality over the years too. But what does a trophy room really mean? Is it all a way to brag, or is it meaningless in the long run? There are many ways to look at it I guess, but at the end of the day they all say the same thing. They say, “man you guys spend a lot of money putting dead animals on a wall.” Personally I love it, and hopefully with hard work and a lot of luck I will continue to add to my collection. So honestly though, What does your “trophy” wall or room say to you?     

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