Trying the Lock & Walk High Lander tree stand system.

Something New

This year I will be hunting an urban zone. With this being new hunting ground for me, I decided to take pack in hunts more serious. Last year I only did eight pack in hunts. While this year I plan to triple that number, I knew I had to find a better way to pack in all my gear, that was easier and more effective than last year.

What I learned from last year

Last year I bought a cheap set of backpack straps to get me by. They worked ok, But they left me wanting more. With a stand, four sticks and camera gear the straps didn’t do the best. They had a clip on the bottom that would pop out due to the weight and wasn’t the most comfortable. With that being said they were cheap and got the job done.

What I decided to use this year.

I decided to go with the Lock & Walk system. This is an incredible stand back pack. It is made of military grade straps and is 100 percent made in America by a Veteran. On top of that it is backed by a warranty that cant be beat. The Lock & Walk has thick, wide shoulder straps making it very comfortable. With the added belt strap, it makes weight distribution perfect while carrying stands on those deep pack in sets. It is rated to haul 250lbs, I will never personally be hauling this much gear. But its good to know it can hold up to anything. This setup will fit any type of stand from a horizontal to web based bottom. It comes in three camo options, I opted for the digital.

I will also be adding this to my pack in sets this year. Dan Bayus showed me this trick to make your seat a shelf for carrying gear. Make sure and give The Tinemen a subscribe on Youtube. They have great reviews, hunts and tips on there page.

Here is a great video describing the Lock & Walk done by Dan Bayus of The Tinemen

Here is a link directly to Lock & Walk Website.

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