The Hype Of Pack In Hunts

In this blog we are gonna break down pack in hunting and see if it deserves the hype it gets.

We hear alot of talk about pack in hunting on social media these days. It seems like the new go to tactic. Before this year we had done less than 10 hunts using this style. After this year combined we are above 50 pack in hunts. So we figured we would break down whether or not this type of hunting is worth the hype.

Here is the pros and cons of each.

The Pros

  • 1. First Time In Area
  • 2. Hunting Fresh Sign
  • 3. Option To Move
  • 4. Able To Try New Areas

First Time In

In my mind this is the biggest reason to hang and hunt. The first time in an area is the best time to kill and when you pack in hunt every set is a first time set. You can take a big buck by surprise in his bedroom, if you do it correctly. We have had multiple hunts where bucks had no idea we were there, giving us great opportunities to be successful.

Hunting Fresh Sign

When pack in hunting you are always scouting while hunting. Unlike walking to a stand to hunt, your stand is on your back and you can set up at any time. If you find some fresh sign you can set up automatically and try to catch the buck working the area.

Option To Move

After you and hang and hunt a few times it becomes easier to move your stands. So moving mid day isn’t an issue. If you see a buck working a scrape or does moving through a certain area, you can just make a move and try to capitalize on where you seen the movement. It’s best to do this as quick as you can after seeing movement in that area.

Hunting New Areas

Not having a certain area or tree where your stand is makes hunting multiple new areas easy. You hunt here a day, move and hunt another spot the next. It’s incredibly fun and kind of freeing to have the option to go anywhere at any time, instead of being tied down to only a certain few areas.

The Cons

  • Amount Of Work/Cost
  • No Shooting Lanes
  • Giving Up On An Area To Quick
  • Time To Practice Hanging Stands

Amount Of Work/ Cost

The work of hang and hunting is no joke. The weight to pack in and hanging the stand every time you hunt is an incredible amount of work. You have to add time to every hunt, making for earlier mornings and hanging in the dark is really time consuming. If you do decide to try this type of hunting out you will need to invest in a light weight hunting set. Which can be a bit expensive but worth it in the long run.

No Shooting Lanes

.When you pack in hunt there is limited time to cut shooting lanes. If there is time then ground scent is a huge factor. The buck in the picture is a perfect example. We had cut shooting lanes but he went through the one area we didn’t think they would go.

Giving Up To Soon

With the option to move at any time I believe you can move from a spot to earlier. Only giving it one day can be a huge mistake. This year we did a pack in all day sits, and seen 1 deer all day. We decided not to move and seen 5 shooter bucks the next day. Sometimes its just not a good day.

Time To Practice Hanging Stands

At first it will be a challenge. Learning a system you can work with will take time. You will make noise, drop things out of stand and ruin some hunts. Making it hard to jump into this type of hunting, when every set it so important.


I hope this opened your eyes to some pros and cons of hang and hunting that you may not of known. It is definitely not for everyone, but I think everyone should give it a shot. Just invest in solid equipment, practice setting up before you go hunt and you might be surprised to find out you like this style of hunting.

So All In All If You Do Everything Correctly I Believe Pack In Hunts Are Worth The Hype.

Do you believe it’s worth the hype?

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