The Bowhunting League

In this blog we want to cover the Bowhunting League and the reason why is because at first when we heard about it, we were a little skeptical . Us living in Illinois and since cannot use mineral or bait at all, we felt like we were immediately at a disadvantage. Then we had Ben Harrison on a podcast and quickly realized that this league is more than about who wins and loses (or is it really?). As I am one of the most competitive people I know, we have officially entered our team “Wiped Out Legacy” a throw back to an awesome story from our trip to ATA.

What are the Rules to the Bowhunting League?

2019 Whitetail League Rules

  • (3) Hunters Per Team Sign Ups Close 8/31/19,
  • No Crossbows,
  • Fair Chase Only, No Sandbagging, *
  • All Scores must be submitted via the Bow Hunting League Forum
  • *Buck Scoring Requirements:
  • (1) Photo including Deer & Bow
  • (1) Photo of score-sheet (P&Y Gross) (Required for ALL Buck Entries)
  • *50pts for bucks less than 50″*
  • Name of Hunter,
  • Name of Team,
  • Where was the buck killed? (State),
  • Date of kill*Unlimited Upgrades***Muleys (-20)/ Coues (+40)/ Blacktail (+20)**

What are some of the Other Categories other than teams and how are they scored?

  • Doe Scoring Requirements:1. (1) Photo including Deer & Bow2.
    • (1) “Big Fat Doe” Photo proving field dressed weight (Photo of scale or Field Dressed Weight Slip from Processor)
    • Name of Hunter
    • Name of Team
    • Where was the doe killed? (State)*25pts will be awarded regardless if weight is submitted.* **Weight is only used for Big Fat Doe Regions
  • **Team Championship* The Highest Scoring Team* How is the score calculated? The Top buck for each team member +25pts if they kill more than 1 deer. The cumulative score of the (3) Team Members’ Individual Scores is the Team’s Score.*Unlimited Upgrades*
  • King of the Tines* The Individual and Team with the most Antler Inches for the 2019 Season wins! **Limit 1 Buck Per State**
  • Big Fat DoeThe Heaviest Doe per Region wins!
  • Top BuckThe Highest Scoring Buck per Region wins!
  • Battle of the States The State with the Most bucks entered wins! *All hunters that enter a buck from the winning state are eligible for the end of the year Prize Drawing*
  • Top WhitetailThe Highest Scoring Whitetail wins!
  • Top MuleyThe Highest Scoring Muley Buck wins!
  • Top CouseThe Highest Scoring Couse Buck wins!
  • Top BlacktailThe Highest Scoring Blacktail Buck wins!

Top 10 Bucks all time from the Bowhunting League

What Are Some Prizes at stake?

  • 2019 Whitetail League Prize PileWhitetail League Categories determine pick order
  • 2020 October Whitetail Hunt w/Dan Moore (Illinois)
  • 2020 Spring Turkey Hunt w/ Hawkeye Beard Butchers est.2015 (Iowa)
  • 2020 Whitetail Hunt w/ Wicked 7 outdoors, LLC (Texas)
  • 2020 Spring Turkey Hunt w/ One Fatal Mistake Outfitters, LLC
  • (1) Auto Light LLC Sight Pin Illuminator
  • (1) Auto Light LLC Sight Pin Illuminator(1) 3DBG Records Mini Replica
  • (1) 3DBG Records Mini Replica
  • (1) 3DBG Records Mini Replica
  • (1 76 Custom Concealment Picture Frame Case
  • (1)76 Custom Concealment Picture Frame Case
  • (1)76 Custom Concealment Picture Frame Case
  • (1) Kill The Chill heated boot warmers
  • (3) bags of Racked Up Mineral Rack ‘Em Stack ‘Em Deer Feed
  • (1) IRON RACK Products, LLC Arrowhead Plaque*
  • (1) Ford’s Paracords Wrist Sling*
  • (1) Ford’s Paracords Wrist Sling*(1) Ford’s Paracords Wrist Sling
  • (1) ShedPeds set of Invisible Wall Mounts
2018 Bowhunting League Champions

Looking back to 2018, What is new for this year.

  • 2018 Champs OZ3 591pts w/ 177″ buck average
  •  Seth Harrington 200
  • Alan Bullard 152
  • Travis Moos 178
  • New for this year.
  • Battle of the States
  • Big Fat Doe Regions 
  • King of the Tines
  • Women’s/Youth Division 

What Do You Think It Will Take To Win This Year’s League? How has 2019 Season Started?

182″ average of the 3 bucks should give the team a good shot at taking home the team title. However it is hunting and you never know what can happen at any given time.

As for 2019, the Tennessee Velvet Season is in the books and there were 4 bucks entered over the weekend.

The League is Growing

Growth of League: 950-1,000% growth in 1 year. “I know of 15 guys hunting different states solely from this League and networking. Over $1,500 in gear giveaway before the season started. We are close to $15,000 in prizes (Hunts average value $1,500)16 guys have stepped up to help moderate or help with the scoreboard. This would be impossible without them.”  – Ben Harrison

$1500 in Gear Giveaway before the Season??

2019 Whitetail League Prize Drawings

All Registered Teams are Eligible

  • 6/7/19: (3) Packs of “The Veteran” Broadhead Veteran Innovative Products                          
  • Winner: Lee County Buck Stalkers
  • 6/7/19: (1) Pack of “The Veteran” Broadhead Veteran Innovative Products
  • Winner: Devin Eye
  • 7/7/19: (3) Packs of “The Veteran” Broadhead Veteran Innovative Products
  • Winner: Bow Hunting Mature Whitetail

7/14/19: (1) Mitt from Better The Hunt

Winner: Jeremy Lee

7/27/19:  (3) Packs of “The Veteran” Broadhead Veteran Innovative Products

Winner: Big Chocolate Racks

7/29/19: (1) Whitetail Adrenaline 


7/31/19: Victory Arrows Adam Gibson

Winner: Team “He Looked Bigger”

8/1/19: (1) Auto Light LLC sight pin illuminator

Winner: Bob Nitschke

8/12/19: (1) Mitt from Better The Hunt

Winner: Kevin Stowell

*8/15/19: (1) Magic Stop Targets 

8/16/19: (1) Hunter selected for “Hunt with Us” from Matt & Ben 

Winner: TBD


8/17/19: (1) Mitt from Better The Hunt         

Winner: TBD

8/25/19: (1) Glacier Coolers

Winner: TBD

9/1/19: (10) Jinx’em Scents products


9/5/19: (3) Packs of “The Veteran” Broadhead Veteran Innovative Products

What Companies are helping with all these Prizes and allowing the League to Grow?

*Official Sponsors*

Veteran Innovative Products

Irish Setter Boots

Auto Light LLC

Gilmore Outdoors

Wicked 7 outdoors, LLC

Boone’s Rock Outfitters 

One Fatal Mistake Outfitters LLC.

Dan Moore

3DBG Records

Kill The Chill

Better The Hunt

Arrow Addiction Outdoors

Sandusky River Taxidermy

76 Custom Concealment

Whitetail Adrenaline

Spotted Pony Pottery

Rack ‘Em Stack ‘Em Deer Feed

Jinx’em Scents

Glacier Coolers


Bischoffs Burnt Flags

Gerber Gear

Victory Archery

Magic Stop Targets

Racks-N-Tracks Taxidermy- Jeremy Lee

Hawkeye Beard Butchers est.2015

5 Mile Creek Archery Academy

Johnny Smith

Ford’s Paracords



There is definitely a lot going on inside the league as well as the outside. There isn’t one guy within the group that won’t help one another out, and its a pretty cool thing to see with the state of hunting the way it is. Everyone supports everyone within the league, looking for other team members, striking a friendship that can blow up over time into something each hunter cherishes. There is still just under 2 days to sign up, 8/31/19 is the last possible day to register a team. If you are looking for more information other than this article check out Ben Harrison on the podcast below. I would advise doing everything within your power to enter as it is going to be a ton of fun!

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