Team Profile Of Wicked Obsession

This week’s hunter profile is actually a team. Our good buddy Cameran Derefield is in this crew of giant buck killers. We are so excited to see the content that this team creates this year, they have all put down giant bucks and do it on a regular basics.

I asked Cameran to write alittle about Wicked Obsession.

Wicked Obsession came about for one reason, Whitetails. It started with Edward and I talking about what we would like to do differently, we both were unhappy with the teams we were on and felt like we had way to much vision to be limited. Over time I started talking to Josh and Kyle and really got to know these three guys. Then one day I asked them what they thought about starting up something of our own. We all talked about it and kicked ideas around and talked of the future. Then months later we had it all figured out. We have all been apart of other teams and have not been able to truly be ourselves or get our vision out there the way we wanted. The team is just 4 Ohio guys who spend every waking moment dreaming of mature whitetails. We want to show the people that there’s more then one way to kill big deer. All four of us have different tactics, and strategies that help us be successful each year.”

As you can see. These guys know how to kill giant whitetails.

“Our goal is to show the 365 day process from 4 different versions of the journey to harvesting what was once just childhood dreams. We have all always wanted that tight knit hunting group that celebrates every big victory together and is there for each other for every low moment as well. It’s cool feeling knowing I have 3 guys I can call at anytime and share strategy with who know my deer. We can’t wait to show the world what we can do this fall and introduce them to Wicked Obsession!”

Team Break Down

Cameron Derefield
Kyle Larosa
Edward Lippencott 
Josh Adams

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