Shed Hunting 101

It’s that time of year again, the antlers have started to drop. We get a lot of questions about shed hunting. So we are gonna break down the top tips we have learned. 

I wanna start off with a little back ground. We mainly shed hunt The Midwest. So these tactics may our may not work for you if your out west. We find 20-25 sheds combined a year and we have been known to find some giants.

Look where the deer are.

This may sound simple but a lot of people look where they have seen deer in season or summer. There could be no deer there in the winter months. Make sure there is good deer sign or you know they are using the area. If you can make a trip out when there is snow on the ground this will help you out a ton.

Time of year

Some deer will start to drop as early as December but most seemed to have dropped by March 15th. If you are shed hunting public you may want to go early and pick up the first few drops, before the competition gets them. But if you can wait longer, the more antlers on the ground, the better chances you will have. 

Best places to look.

Field edges/standing crops if you have an ag field or standing food that is a great place to start. Look in the low spots of the field and the edge of the timber. Water ways are my favorite spot to look. If you have a water way in the middle of an ag field. Do not overlook this spot. The spots I have the most luck are waterways that have tall grass and small trees all over. A lot of farmers mow theie water ways. So these are rare and great spots to look. CRP/tall grass any over grown pasture ground is a great place to look. There is alot more sun there unlike the timber. Making it a great place for bucks to bed. Another place is fence and creek crossings. The sudden jar can knock the antler off a buck. I have only found a few in these areas but its worth a look. South/East facing hillsides another great place for bucks to bed catching the sun in the morning and throughout the day. We zig zag through these areas looking for places a buck has bed.

Miles for Piles?

I used to believe this but as I shed hunt longer I believe it’s quality miles of any miles. Walk all the best stuff you have first. Don’t waste your time on ground that you don’t believe holds as many deer. Spend this time scouting trying to find better areas then hitting them. If you are limited on time like me, by the time you get done walking your best stuff its time to go through it again. I try to give a two-three week gap in between walking areas the second time.


Every shed hunting mission you should be using one of the many apps that are out. To mark sign, possible tree stand spots, bedding areas. etc. I also use this time to find good mushrooms trees and potential turkey roosting areas.

Have Fun

This is the one time of year you can crash in anywhere and not worry about bumping deer or leaving scent. Take your kids and get out there and find some sheds. They love getting out there and looking for sheds just about as much as you.

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