Running No Trail Cams! Would It Change Your Hunting Strategy?

If you couldn’t run trail cams. Do you believe you would ​​have the same success in the field. We honestly believe that it would change the entire way we scout, access property and hunt.


I asked this question on our Twitter @WhitetailLegacy. Here are some of our followers responses.

@homeynel writes -As much as I want to check the cams all the time, seeing deer that I won’t see hunting, but knowing if I was there I could have shot the deer. Gives me confidence in my setup. And running cams can get wives and kids involved in less pressured areas.
@one80_outdoors writes- Trail cameras have caused me to pass many deer that I would have happy to kill on the last week of the season! Once you see the dominant bucks in your area I choose to pass on other deer.
@FlatlandW writes-Not for me. I basically use them to see what deer are in a particular area. My success has come from scouting and a lot of luck. It also depends on how you measure success. I have killed more mature deer since I have been using cameras but i do not think I am successful for using them.
@Sean010201 writes- I think I would be. Took a season of on the ground tracking, with photos to back it to learn the property. Without those cameras I think I would of been in the ballpark for travel corridors, but time of travel would of been a crap shoot.

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