Public Land Journal Sept- Oct 4th

As a lot of you already know. We decided to hunt multiple pieces of public this year. We will use these public land journal blogs as a way to keep you updated on how our public land hunts go. We are going to try and update you weekly on how things are going.

Our Main Target Areas

This last off season we scouted public hard. Covering multiple properties and finding the best areas. One area we just couldn’t get out of our mind. A thick over grown pasture, with a deep ravine separating this area from the rest of the public. We thought it would be low pressure and had everything to hold some giant bucks.

Another area is a small over looked strip of timber. It being beans this year we glassed some mega bucks in that area. We found a hot scrape and a couple heavy creek crossings. Hung cams and got on some giant bucks in this area.

Trail Camera Troubles

With this ravine being so deep we figured our cams wouldn’t get messed with.. Boy were we wrong. We had stolen cards, cameras turned off, batteries gone and batteries messed with. Who ever was back there did not want us there. But it just made us believe there was some giant bucks lurking back there like we believed. Its hard to understand why one hunter would do this to another. But its the sad truth to public ground. Big bucks make people do crazy things.

We hung cams high with a lone wolf stick. We hid them on trees with lots of cover, but they still got messed with. This area being so hard to get to and with no intell from trail cams we decided to stay out of this area until a good cold front.

The First Hunt

The first hunt we went in for the kill on a giant buck we have located. A public land monster as social likes to say. We set up on a scrape that had been hit recently. Thinking this buck was still in the area. After the hunt and a quick card pull, We learnt he had left the area about ten days earlier. We believe he left the area due to lack of acorns and from early goose hunters pressuring the area.

The next blog post will get you up to date on our latest hunts.

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