Public Land Journal Oct. 4th – Oct. 13th

Our Lock & Walk Systems have been a life saver. Everyone of our hunts have been pack in and hang.

The days of hunting season are screaming by its already Oct.12th. We have gotten a few more hunts in and had some good encounters. We are trying to hunt multiple places and scout on the way in looking for buck sign and other hunting pressure. Eliminating areas as we hunt them and don’t see the sign or the deer we want to.

Our Second Hunt

A huge rain storm was coming through. It was raining hard but we decided to go anyways. We packed into an area that I have had pass success on rainy days. We hung the set in the rain and was able to get in very silent. With only seeing a forked horn buck and seeing other hunter pressure. We knew it was time to go deep.

Our 3rd Hunt

After seeing some human pressure on the edges of public we knew it was time to head deep. With a cold front coming in on the weekend it would be the perfect time. We packed in and hung in a perfect three way pinch point. We ended up seeing three does and 2 spike bucks. Every deer crossed on the main pinch at 15 yards. Letting us know exactly how the deer where moving through the area.


With all our cams being messed with on last pull we decided to get out of stand around 10 a.m. and scout the area. We pulled cams and this time our hiding techniques had worked. Our cams had not been touched. With the pictures we were able to get, got us 100 percent fired up. 3 really nice bucks had been frequenting the area, one in daylight. We did a quick ground scout mission and it all came back to one spot. We have found our all day set rut funnel. A big old cotton wood tree. Nestled in between a swampy grass area and the transition to hard woods.

Our 4th Hunt

We went to our other property to pull cams. We had a cam set up on an active scrape we had found in the late season. When we got to the area we noticed that it had been on fire with buck activity. We decided to hang and hunt there for the evening. Being that we had bucks in daylight and many close to daylight. We seen 5 does early, but no bucks showed up.

Illinois youth season is reason for orange.

Look For Next Weeks Public Land Journal. Maybe We Will Have ONE Of These Bucks Down

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