Public Land Journal Oct. 13th – Oct 19th

Alway have to go in prepared to kill

Another week flies by as we are now getting to where things are heating up in the deer woods. We are hopping around quite a bit still, but running cams where we know for sure is going to be money when deer are actually moving and on their feet. When we hunt we scout on the way in as sign should be popping up.

Hang and Hunt Every Time

October 13th

This set was over the hottest scrape we have had so far this season. We first went in and pulled the cam, which was setting watching the scrape. We had our target buck for that area daylight on October 8th, at 7:20 a.m., 2:10 p.m. 5:37 p.m. and 10:26 p.m. All moves were different ways in and out of a bedding area. Thing of it is, the temp was high of 72 degrees, and a south wind which isn’t an unusual but wind was blowing to him from a field. We had another cam set up 80 yards down in creek bottom. After seeing our target buck, we decided to press into that cam and pull it before the hunt, hoping to bread trail him and know exactly where he bed that day. We did not get him on that cam, so we knew he bed up on the bluff that day instead of the creek bottom. Looking back as we hunted that scrape we should have waited to pull the cam further in creek bottom, because getting that intel didn’t help or hinder our hunt. We did bust one doe on our way out but we snuck in without busting her. While getting settled 5 more does crossed creek 60 yards east of where doe was bumped earlier. We think that was normal movement for them. After that we saw 0 deer.

The hunt is more about the experience than being successful.

Oct 14th Urban Public Ground

The beginning of this hunt started a little different than most. I needed to access the urban public through the non hunt area. Being that the wind was in the wrong direction for normal entrance. After a few phone calls I was able to access through some private ground. Making my access perfect. This being only my second hunt in this area, I went in scouting and ready to hang in any tree. I ended up going way deeper than I thought I would after finding a couple other stands I pressed deeper. I finally found an area that it got very thick with ag to my south and a big oak flat in between. I set up on that area. I ended up seeing 13 does and button bucks, ( where in shooting range. I definitely found a major doe bedding area for the rut.

one of the deer that night

October 19th

This sit we tried out a new area, from which we hadn’t scouted or set foot on. We have looked at this area as a potential spot to be successful from looking at maps. We were over looking a grass and clover clearing, that was close to ag. We felt like the corner was just screaming “deer” to us, and as luck would have it nothing came from that way. Deer had actually entered on the complete opposite end of the clearing, and were bedding in a 15 yard wide strip of timber. At least 2 possibly 3 deer came out of that strip, one came into the clearing and the others went north. A singe doe was in the clearing, while a fawn had bed down in the wide open. The doe of that fawn stayed out of the clearing and went towards the road eating grass, where the lone doe and fawn joined her. We spotted a small 6 pt and the fawn butting heads and playing around 30 minutes before sunset. Was a great sit with some activity in a new spot.


Another week has flown by, and things are starting to heat up. We found trees that we knew had potential to hunt out of and we now have confirmed that we can indeed hunt there. Stepped into a new spot and almost was successful on a doe. Some more hunts of us refining our pack in process, and more practice of hanging and hunting.

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