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In this blog we want to point out some podcasts that should see a re-visit from you. These podcasts can range anywhere from great tactics, to a legendary story, or a really great product that we covered. We enjoy all of our podcasts and also want to thank everyone who has been able to come on a share a story or give someone an idea on how to kill that elusive buck.

Legends Of The Woods EPS 12,11,10, 8, 6,

Legends of The Woods episodes are a collection of once in a life time bucks. Not every one of these bucks are over 200, but each of them have that one thing about them that is rare. Episode 12 with Arron Bleise and his buck The Great Hambino. This buck is from Iowa, where Arron hunted him out of a stand called “The Tine Dancer” and this buck has a very wicked rack. Episode 11 with Brody Splain where he killed a 212 inch clean typical. One of the prettiest bucks I have seen. Episode 10 with Bryant Hatem who was chasing his buck all year, and after the previous year missing him, shot him after he shed one side. Bryant’s friends found the buck and his other side in one epic story. Episode 8 is with Cody Lippencot who shot a giant Pennsylvania public land deer with absolutely towering brow tines. Episode 6 with Tim Cates who has just been laying down the giants in Wisconsin shot a buck he called Inferno.

Ep: 100 Aggressive Public Land Tactics

In this episode we are joined by Byron Horton of The Whitetail Experience. This whole team once again had another great year, getting it done on public land. We talk with Byron about how his scouting looks during and before season as well as what he looks for in an area. Byron also talks about some new things that he was going to try in season this year.

Episode 78 – Dan Bayus

Dan is a beast out east. Dan has been successful on both private and public lands. He hunts very aggressively and gets it done. Dan talks about how he hunts differently in the big woods compared to hunting regular timber. Dan also talks about buck behavior and the repetition he has seen, and about hunting highly pressured deer early and late season.


This episode was a real eye opener for us. We hunt Illinois and are not able to provide our deer herd any nutrition at all. We talk with Nate and Clint about the best supplement program as well as what to look for in the products. Nate also talks about how their products are better digested and help promote doe and fawn health with bigger healthier bucks being a by product. Vasodilators.

Episode 48 – Heath Cisco

In this episode we are joined by Heath who is a giant buck slayer. Seems as Heath is always after a big buck. Along with chasing big bucks comes ups and downs and Heath talks about getting your mind right for the shot, when it counts. We also dabble into some moon talk and what Heath looks for in the moon phase, over head and underfoot times and how it all effects deer movement.

Episodes 38, 34

These two episodes are with Josh Profitt. Josh has been getting a lot of attention thrown his way, and it is well deserved. Josh hunts public land and on top of that he is also shooting a trad bow. Josh should also be known and the trail camera king. He and a few friends run up and over 70 Exodus Trail Cameras. We go through some tips for keep everything straight when running that many cameras. Josh also explains his process using DeerLab.

Episode 25 – Veteran Innovative Products

As with being our title partner to help this podcast be heard by more and more people, Matt is also a very passionate hunter who happens to know everything about broadheads. This episode we lay out the inner working of The Veteran Broadhead as well as the engineering and design of it. We also talk arrow set ups and the other products offered by VIP.

These are just some of our highlight podcasts, that we feel can bring you the most value. Everybody has what they like, and from this list there should be at least one for everyone. Thank you to everybody who listens, and hits that play button week after week.

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