Picking The Right Stand

We missed the chance on this buck cause we where hunting a completely different farm

It’s the first of November and your making a plan to hunt. First you look at the wind and then you pick a stand. Sounds simple right? This small step in a big process can literally make or break your season. We counted the times we missed the mark this year and there were a ton.

So I figured it would be beneficial to break each situation down and see where we went wrong.

Nov. 5th Chaos

Chaos going past a stand we call the scrape tree

On Nov. 5th I rushed off of work to get in the stand for the last 2 hours of daylight. The farmer was picking corn when I pulled in. I decided I would hunt a edge stand playing it safe. This picture is 200 yards away. As I was hunting, Chaos walks past one of our stands at 20 yards broadside.

The Reason

It was the beginning of November. I was playing it safe and potentially not bumping anything off the farm by hunting the edge stand. Our rut-cation was coming in hard and I wanted it to be fresh for that.

Nov. 8th Public Ground Pack In

On November 8th Homey goes hunting after a early out from work. He decides to hunt one of our public pieces. This picture is 150 yards from where Homey is set up. This buck went within a 100 yards of him that night through the thick doe bedding, but Homey never seen him.

The Reason

We had ran a camera closer to the edge of the field and had some good pictures of bucks there. Being a pack in hang and hunt. He chose to play the edge instead of going in deeper.

Nov. 12th Bud Heavy

On Nov. 12th a buck we call Bud Heavy walks right by the scrape tree stand at 9:18 in the morning. We had planed on hunting this morning in this tree but a good buddy had called me the night before, saying he had shot a giant buck and needed some help tracking the deer. We opted not to hunt and help him track.

The Reason

Hunting is sometimes a selfish thing. You don’t share location of stands or properties or bucks, so you can get it done. This came down to helping a buddy in need.

Nov. 15th Bud Heavy

Here we go again, Bud Heavy daylights again at the scrape tree. We had drove to Missouri to hunt there for the long weekend. Making us not able to hunt this area.

The Reason

Traveling to hunt another state and other bucks. Picked the wrong stand by 400 miles this time.

Nov. 18th Bud Light

Nov. 18th Bud Light again… I know your saying wow why can’t they kill this deer. Homey had put a all day set at the scrape tree. Where he was daylight two times. We got a picture of him coming into the property that morning and this picture right after dark of him on other end of property. Putting him on there all day. Homey was close to this buck literally all day long. Just wasn’t in the cards that day.

The Reason

Bud light had hung up on the west side of the farm all day long. While Homey hunted the east side.

Nov. 17th & 18th Choas

Choas coming by scrape tree 1 hour after dark

Back from Missouri starting another full week and chaos is on the mobile at the scrape tree 1 hour after dark. He goes in checks a doe bedding area, 15 minutes later he is back on cam going straight away from it. At 2:34 a.m. Choas is on the mobile cam up north on the foodplot. I enter the scrape tree having all this intel thinking he is close, he didn’t find a doe he will be back that evening really wanting to check more bedding areas and find another doe, I was already planning an all day sit. At 6:03 Choas is on another regular moultrie camera heading north off the property.


If Choas decides to work back south instead of north, the delay in time for him to work up there I get a last light encounter.


This is just the instances we have camera proof that we where so close. Imagine all the times your right there but just not the right stand. Its a hard choice to make, but one move can change your whole season for better or worse.

Just remember when your on that all day sit and wanna give up the buck your after could be one stand away

How do you pick the right stand? Leave us a comment!

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