Never Say Never

Hunting is hunting, those who understand it, feel this very statement while others who don’t just see it as killing. Hunting can take us down many different avenues which is why we should never say never when it comes to hunting. I was talking with a couple of friends a few weeks ago talking about how situational hunting is. It is very much so as I will talk about.

Hunting public land as of late has become a popular topic and how to hunt aggressively on these parcels. In my younger days thinking about hunters on public land, I would ask why would anybody do that. Random people out walking around by where you are hunting, that doesn’t sound like fun. I said I would never hunt that way. Now this year really diving into hunting public land, I see why some people love it. The extra challenge, bigger parcels and no lease fees. My situation has now changed, as I do enjoy my public land hunting as much as my private land. 

A doe I passed on Oct 12th

This year I said was going to be my first year that I wasn’t going to shoot a doe in the rut. At least in the first 2 weeks of November and the last week of October. I was going to try and get one early, knock the rust off and then go after a buck. Or if early didn’t work out, put my eggs into the late season bed to feed pattern and capitalize there. As rut cation started so did my all day sits, and that can wear the most hardcore hunters down when you get so close but it just doesn’t happen. I had a group of 3 does step out and I let one have it.  Due to me hunting a lot and a lot of close calls it felt good to shoot a deer. My situation during the year had played out differently than I thought and that had changed the way I let my hunt play out.

The doe I didn’t pass in the Rut
Bud Light

Getting a good buck on cam is always a good thing to see. Deciding if you are going to shoot him if he shows up is another thing. After estimating his age and antler size, if you are into that, you decide you don’t want to shoot him and give him another year, such as what we had decided on Bud Light. The next hunt, out goes the family to the wagon blind, and with so much extra going on you think one buck is a completely different buck and bam you shoot a deer you wanted to pass.  That particular hunt was a blast it didn’t matter what deer I shot, we had fun and made memories.

Never to forget just when you think all the odds are against you, out pops your target buck for what ever reason. You have hunted all his favorite trail cam spots, all the hot doe bedding and still no encounters and the rut is winding down. All you have to do is press on and keep after it. Just when you think it will never happen, is when he will show up, trust me it has happened. No matter how many times you sit in a stand or in the perfect place and say to your self “I’m never going to kill that buck” is just about the time he might show up. The perfect situations can be brought down due to poor performance of that stand in the recent past because of no acorns or no doe bedding or whatever the reason, all you have to do is be in the right place at the right time and the right situation can produce the right result. Never believe that you aren’t in the right spot because confidence kills deer and Never Say Never.

Just a trash pic of a buck I shot in 2018

It’s hunting, things happens differently then we envision them and it is ok. People change over time priorities and goals change along with viewpoints. One thing that is for sure when it comes to hunting you can never say never. 

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