Unfair Advantage With Baiting??


    ​By-Cody Jenkins    
From-Whitetail Legacy

 Does Baiting Give You A Unfair Advantage While Hunting Deer?
I asked this question on my Twitter account.   With many good responses I wanted to share my thoughts as well as some others.

​Responses from Twitter

Post Supplemental feed is off season w/ primary objective of keeping healthy diet plentiful. Yes, keeps mature bucks interested and close but not “easy.”  Once season starts, matters not, including minerals.  Rare to see mature buck drawn to mineral after Sep 1.  
Post-The problem is if you are allowed to feed corn, then everyone else is probably feeding corn too… Your supplement area has to be better and make deer feel safe. Most mature bucks know they aren’t suppose to be there. You may get 1-2 chances all year
Feeding, no. Baiting , yes. But feeding , to me, is done during the off season. Baiting is done during season. In states where baiting is legal, it would help some, but the animals are used to it, so it may not draw animals in lime it would here.

My opinion is if its legal in your state do it. Whitetails are incredible hard to hunt. So any advantage is a good thing. I do believe it helps getting a deer to stay around your area more. But doesn’t resolve in making him easier to kill.

What Do You Think About Baiting?

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