Matt Bartlett Aka (Old Dad) Hunter Profile

This weeks hunter profile is Matt Bartlett. Matt is 27 years old and lives in Bushnell Illinois.  He has got big buck killing down to a science.  Always getting it done no matter what it takes. You can find a lot of Matt kills on film @ Last Breath.
I ask Matt a few questions so you can get to know him better as a hunter and as a person.
What got you into hunting?
Always been a family tradition, my father and grandfather are who taught me my first many years of hunting, fishing, and trapping. Starting as young as I can remember. 
Tell me about the places you hunt. (States, Property, Ect.)
I hunt Illinois for whitetails and turkeys all of the properties I hunt are small. Most have less than 20 acres of timber on them. Over half are low lying river bottoms, lots of soft maples and ash trees. Lots of grass and open areas. These properties normally don’t hold high deer densities, but in some cases have good quality even with extremely high pressure from neighbors. Hunting highly pressured deer is something I’ve gotten very used to and adapted towards. It’s very likely to see several cars on a hunt driving around in that golden hour. Or even someone hunting within half mile of me any given day.
What is one thing you would tell your younger hunting self.
One tactic I would tell my younger self would be, patience in the early season. Stay out of certain places till at least after the 20th of October. Something I still struggle with time to time.
Most important tool you use in the field.
My most important tool I use in the field is actually several. Trail cameras are my most important guide. Scouting is my number 2, lots of scouting. My archery equipment is tied at number 2. I take lots of time to be extremely familiar with my archery gear, I shoot often, and practice at ranges I know I’ll take 95% of my shots from.
Why do you believe you have been so successful.
I’ve been successful because of learning so much at an early age, building on that knowledge and continuing to learn every hunt, card pull or even a deer looking drive. I observe everything on the way in and out looking for changes. So what I’m saying is personal growth and attention to finite details.
One tactic you live by.
I live by risk it to get the biscuit. Get them in the truck anyway you can. Doesn’t matter if its on the ground with no blind, a hang and hunt scenario, or if I’ve patterned a certain deer. Sometimes it may sound very cliché… but in a lot of cases I generally get a gut feeling about when and where I need to be at a given time. A lot of the times it seems to pan out.
If you could tell a non hunter something to change there mind what would it be.
Seeing a sunrise or sunset, listening to the wind wake up and fall asleep , with no knowledge of you even being there. It is more beautiful than a person can imagine. Seeing the animals in their natural state doing what they do and not knowing you’re there. Lots of times you go home without even releasing a arrow or shooting a shot. I think those days are just as enjoyable as the ones where a harvest happens. When you’re passionate about it like I am and put that much work into stand location or a set up. you think about for hours, days , years and it unfolds just the way you dreamt it would happen.  Its humbling but also extremely rewarding.
Other than Matt being a incredible deer hunter and a drop dead handsome feller. He has been very successful at hand fishing.
Find out more about Matt and watch his films.

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