Jesse Hines Hunter Profile

Jesse isn’t only a great hunter but he is a great friend. He is one of the best content creators/ field producer I know. All his content can be found at Last Breath Media. Link below to check it out.

Jessie shot this bear September 3rd 2014. The film is incredible. Off the ground with a bow. Watch the film below.

I asked Jesse a few questions so you can learn more about him as a person and a hunter. Jesse is 27 years old. He lives with his wife, Miranda in Abingdon, Il.

When did you get into hunting?

I started hunting when I was 12. Strictly shotgun hunting and as I grew older, my passion for hunting grew stronger. I eventually started bow hunting when I was 16.

Jesse with a Illinois turkey. He is a lights out turkey hunter.

Tell Me about the places you hunt.

The properties I hunt for whitetails are on the smaller side with 20 acres or less of timber and the rest being a mixture of grasses and fields. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel west several times to Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota.

If you could tell your younger hunter self one tactic what would it be?

One tactic I would tell my younger self would be is patience is a virtue. I would always find myself going to my best stands all the time because that where I seen deer. Disregarding any thought of wind direction or time of the year.

Jesse with a Boone & Crockett Buck

What is the most important tool you use in the field?

I would say my most important tool in the field would be a good set of binoculars. Whether I’m hunting or scouting I always have a pair of binoculars within arms reach. I believe with a good pair of binos you can learn more about deer than just how many points it has. Helps you determine age, attitude, and temperament by watching how he reacts to other deer in the area. It shows me how aggressive I can be in a calling scenario when calling at that particular deer.

Why do you believe the key to your hunting success has been?

The reason I feel like I have been successful is that I’ve always been wiling to learn more, pay attention to small details in patterns, knowing the properties I hunt and being flexible. Adjusting to multiple scenarios or patterns.

A beautiful Public land turkey. Watch the film below

Lets talk about filming.

I absolutely love it, the ability to document how a hunt happened to show everyone you successes (or failures). Being in the moment to document as much as possible. I enjoy filming just as much as I do hunting. The excitement I get when I’m filming is as excited as the hunter is when he/she harvests the animal of their choosing. I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of some incredible experiences and the excitement never dulls. With that it does bring some challenges such as taking longer to get ready in the mornings. twice the scent, and just the daily struggles in general. But it is absolutely worth every hiccup you can imagine. It’s something I’ve truly grown a passion for and am absolutely ate up with.

Jesse is a incredible humble guy. He would never boast about his skills but his hunting/filming knowledge is vast. We have personally learnt a ton from Jesse and all the Last Breath Team. Check out there videos and subscribe to there Youtube Link below.

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