If You Could Tell Your Younger Self One Thing About Hunting What Would It Be

Thinking back to when I began hunting. The amount of mistakes I made is uncountable. From not playing the wind, being loud, not setting still or long enough. Even hunting where there just wasn’t any deer.

​If I could give advice to my younger self. It would be to always have fun. Don’t get caught up on the drama of shooting a big buck. If you don’t shoot a buck it is still a successful season. I asked this question on Twitter . I’m gonna share some of the responses with you.

 Writes- Don’t look at the antlers. Don’t look at the antlers. Still a vivid bad memory of what would have been my biggest buck if I didn’t just focus on the rack the whole time. While I shot at 30 yards away. I was 12 years old when this happen.
Writes- You don’t always have to kill the biggest deer in the woods.
​Writes-Always pay attention to the wind. Soak in those moments that come with hunting with friends and family.

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