If You Are Thinking About Filming Or Starting A Podcast

Somethings You Will Need To Know

Every day you scroll through social media you see a new filming group or podcast. You hear alot of people make this a negative. Saying not everyone needs a podcast or needs to film. We disagree with this 100 percent, everyone should have a voice. You have just as much right to film or podcast as we do. We are far from professional, or even decent film producers and podcasters. But here is a few things we have learned.

It’s work

When we first started podcasting and filming it was incredibly frustrating. The learning curve was huge, figuring out how to edit or even record a podcast was ridiculous. Saying that if we can do it anyone can. We are very ordinary guys who are working for the railroad and have zero computer, editing or film training. With lots of time, effort, and asking friends with alot of Youtube anything is possible. The time to record episodes / edit film while working full time, being husbands, and fathers is a struggle. You have to make a system and be flexible to what life throws at you.

One of the many bucks we had the privilege to showcase there story.

You gotta love it.

The first few weeks you see the episodes go out you will be super jacked up and ready to keep going. It will be super easy to create content. If you plan on doing it long term you will have to love it after your 100th episode or the 100th time dragging camera equipment with you into the woods you won’t be so jacked anymore. It will wear on you if you don’t absolutely love what your filming or recording.

You need a good partner.

Doing it all on your own would be incredibly hard. It’s important to share the work load and make decisions together. It’s tough to find the perfect fit, try to find someone that has the same life goals as you and you can see working together for a long time. Basically you need a Homey in your life.

I got lucky finding Homey. Guy absolutely crushes everything. We work good together and want to see each other succeed.

You will have so much fun and make so many friends.

Everyone thinks we start filming/podcasting we will make money and get free hunting gear. While this may be true after you gain some traction the real value is the friendships you will make. We talk on a daily basis friends from Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Nebraska and Illinois. We literally would of never met any of these dudes without the podcast. Now they are some of my closest friends. We talk about kids, work , hunting, podcasting and just everyday life stuff. It has been on of the biggest blessings we have gotten from all this. We have received invites to go hunt many different states and have used this opportunity to go and hunt while growing our friendships.

One of our good friends from Nebraska Nate Clark. We invited him on a podcast now we talk daily and I consider him a really good friend

You will grow/learn

From the first film/podcast we did to mow is night and day. The amount you will grow and learn is insane. Just time and consistently getting better is the best way to accomplish this. It will happen some without you even trying. The amount of hunting related stuff you will learn is mine boggling. Being a podcaster and listening to all these stories and tactics have made me more successful and helps me put together pieces in the whitetail woods.

Another listener from Georgia named Paul that became a great friend we talk to everyday.

Learning the outdoor industry.

If you film/podcast long enough you will get into the industry a little. You will understand it isn’t as great as you thought. There is alot of things you will learn and say WOW. I didn’t think it was like that. You will understand how small it actually is and how almost everything is attached to something else. You will realize how many people actually make a living in the industry. You will meet some shady people/company’s and you will meet a few really solid one.

The big question… Can I do this for a living

The long answer is maybe but probably not. A big maybe, I never wanna hold back anyone’s dreams, but its gonna take years I mean years to make an impact, get the following, and listeners to make a living. Us here at The Legacy never do believe this will be our full time gig. We will continue to do this until it isn’t fun anymore. We started that way and continue that way today.

If you wanna start a podcast for fame or money I wouldn’t suggest doing it. If you wanna meet new people and have a boat load of fun start it tomorrow. Never let anyone talk you out of starting it.

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