Hunter Profile Michael Lemanski

Mike lemanski is 31 years old. He has a wife and 2 kids. They live in Sango, Tennessee
He is a true American hero in my eyes. I asked him a few questions so you can learn alittle more about him as a person and a hunter.

What States Are You Hunting This Year?

I will be hunting in Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky this year.
I hunt a mixture of private, public and Federal ground. Where I can I do mock scrapes, cameras and mineral in the spring/summer where it’s legal. I mainly hunt out of hang on stands going off of past experiences or from intel I gather in the late winter or Spring. I also use a lot of ground tactics as well, use a climber on state or as a observation stand on new ground.

What Is Something You Wish You Could Tell Yourself Earlier In Your Hunting Career?

Hunt more travel Corridors in transit from food, water and cover. Capitalize on big weather fronts, and don’t be quick to get in to a stand if conditions are not PERFECT! Don’t let the big bucks figure me out until they have an arrow in them! Meaning, blowing out early season stand locations because I just simply want to be in there and wait for the right opportunities!

What’s The Most Important Tool You Use In The Field?

Most important tool I use is Trail cameras. You need to know what is going on when your not there. More importantly, the use of Cell Cameras! They allow you to gather all the intelligence on deer you are pursuing without having to step foot on ground and bumping deer your after. Big bucks are big for a reason, staying on top of their movement without blowing out your spot every time you get the itch to pull a card!  Everything can be used as a tool, it all depends on how you utilize it! 

Why Do You Believe You Have Been So Successful?

I feel I have been successful because of one simple
word, PATIENCE. Patience, motivation, and the use of good tactics will take you far in the deer woods!

Lets Talk About Your Military Service.

I joined the Army in February 2009. I am a Sergeant First Class (E7) Infantry Platoon Sergeant now in the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I was recently a Ranger Instructor at the United States Army Ranger School. I have been trained in numerous military courses in survival, obviously marksmanship, food and sleep deprivation, camouflage techniques, silent movement and tracking, physical fitness and hand to hand combat.

He Is One Bad Ass Dude.

You can find his films at Harvest Time Outdoors.

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