Hunter Profile Logan Sellers

Logan came on a podcast episode with us when we had just began. We had the privilege of meeting Logan and his wife Holly recently when they came down for Homeys birthday. We where blown away by there friendship.

A little about you.

Logan sellers, 30 years old
Wife is holly and have two boys, Arthur and Clark.
I got into hunting due to my dad and brother hunting. I started bow hunting when I was 10 and shot my first deer when I was 11 during gun season. Back when I was a kid I looked up to our friends and family who would meet at my dads shop to celebrate there harvest and now the I host the annual “deer camp” at my place.

Where do you hunt?

I live right near my home town in a town called Waterman, it’s a big farming community so growing up in this area I got to know the farmers and gained permission to hunt small tracks of land with fence lines or small creeks, as I got older I acquired some smaller sections of woods and married the love of my life who happened to be the farmers daughter. I’ve also been fortunate to hunt out of state in Nebraska, Wisconsin and last year a elk hunt in Wyoming. 

One tactic you could tell your younger hunting self.

I think one thing I would have to tell younger self is to not get discouraged so easily. I remember getting disgusted with a hunt and just walking out which is never a good idea. Now I live by thought that every hour I spend hunting is just punching the time card on being able to seal the deal on a big buck. Take everything in stride and sometimes you just have to sit in a tree for hours at a time whether it’s right or wrong you have to be out there to get it done.  

Most Important tool you use in the field?

My most important tool would definitely be my binos, a good set of binos is hard to beat when field judging deer as well as watching deer behavior. I have a pair in my vehicle all year round whenever I’m driving…..I’m scouting. Second to that i would say is having a weapon that I’m very familiar with whether it’s archery season or firearm. 

Why do you believe you have been so successful?

I’d have to say the biggest reason I’ve been successful is my upbringing. My dad dedicated a lot of time to teach me everything he knows and as time has passed I feel as if I have taught him something’s as well. Couple things that he has taught me is to not over think hunting and it doesn’t matter where you hunt as long as your hunting and playing the wind. 

Talk about managing land.

In the last couple years I have took on planting food plots and creating better habitat for the properties that allow me to do so. It has been incredibly hard work but the results are speaking for themselves. We took a property which had never had a buck taken over 80 inches to harvesting four bucks in the last 2 years all over 120 inches. Anyone that knows me knows I get just as much fired up to work in the woods  as do to go hunting out there. No matter what tools you have at your disposal any improvements will help. It’s what I do in the off season that makes the difference.

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