Hunter Profile – Jonathan Stuart

I have had the privilege of being in a few groups on facebook, in which Jonathan and I are apart of. I have been following Jonathan for almost 2 years now on social, and let me tell you something, guy is a straight up good hunter, father and person. What animal he chooses to pursue in the woods is in trouble I know that. So let’s all get to know Jonathan a little better.

Jonathan’s 2018 Buck

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

My name is Jonathon Stuart I love to spend my time outdoors with my wife and son. I’m 28 years old, I’m a product process technician for champion Petfoods and help on the family farm from time to time. We live in Russellville,KY. I started hunting around the age of 11 harvested my first deer and first turkey when I was 12. 

Describe the Property you currently hunt and If you Prefer Timber or Field Edges.

The land I hunt now is laid out with mainly crop land with secluded wood lots with an abundance of mature timber. 

I like to set up on field edges and catch deer as the stage up to hit the crops in early season. Later in the season I will go into the timber and find scrape lines on oak flats. 

Jonathan’s 2017 Buck

What Would You Say Has Been Your Biggest Key To Success.

The biggest key to my success is doing my homework and taking info from passed seasons and put it to use on the present season. 

Jonathan Setting up his trail Cam

What is One Thing You Wish You Knew 10 Years Ago

If I could go back 10 years and redo things I would definitely have been more patient, and focused on better stand locations. 

Most of Your Success has been in the Early Kentucky Season. What Are your Thoughts About Having An Early Season?

I love being able to hunt early season whitetails. To me it’s almost as much fun doing the prep work and sitting back and glassing them in fields. They are also a lot more predictable at that time of year. 


Jonathan is a great hunter who has been very successful in the recent years. I look forward to seeing more successful trips in the field from Jonathan, especially in that Kentucky early season, since us Illinois boys are still sitting on the couch waiting for season to open up.

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