How To Deal With Other Hunters On Public Ground

What is the first complaint you hear about public land? Other hunters messing your hunt up or not hunting the same way you do. In this blog we are gonna break down how we deal with other hunters and it may be surprising to you.

Don’t Make Assumptions

This may seem like something small but it is so important. I think too many people make assumptions that are not true. Not understanding their style of hunting. Things like he is a crossbow hunter he won’t understand or he doesn’t pack in a stand in sticks or why does he hunt on the ground and not out of a stand. The great thing about public land is it’s open to everyone and their styles. So this is something that will never go away.

Ask questions / Be Friendly

While back at the parking spot talk to the other hunters. Most hunters we have met are good dudes. There are always bad eggs but you can figure them out real quick, You can learn alot from a quick conversation. Where you hunting? you don’t want to run into him. Been seeing any deer movement? They are not gonna give you the spots of a buck they are hunting but everyone loves to tell the story of the hunts. Small talk can start an awesome friendship.

Ask them if they wanna join up and cover more ground?

This isn’t something you wanna do the first time you talk but if you start a small friendship this can be huge. We have done this on occasion. Resulting in trail cam pics, talking about sightings and working together to not hunt the same place at the same time. People love to talk hunting and even if you have a buck picked out to hunt more than likely 10 other guys are hunting that same buck. So joining forces can be a game changer.

Do the right thing

If another hunter needs some help. Dragging a deer, tracking a deer, even a quick ride down to the next parking lot. These are all things I have done for other hunters on public land. It almost always comes back to me. I have had people I just met grab a deer leg on the drag out and give me a hand.

In The End

Public land is for everyone. So you will always have to hunt around other hunters. If you can make the best of it, I guarantee that you will have more fun, make more friends and more memories. The right thing to do is always the right thing to do

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