Episode 53 – Listener Shoutout 2.0

This week’s podcast we are back to connecting with our listeners. We have on Dillon Martin first, who is a listener and someone who shows interest in hunting, but not yet a hunter.  We try and get his perspective on hunting from an “outsider” viewpoint. Next we have on Mark Hurley from Shenandoah Bowhunter, who talks about some early season tips. Going to be hearing a lot more from Mark in the near future.  Lastly we have on Aaron Coursey from Flatland Whitetails who talks about getting on some bucks on Kansas public land. Who has since recording with us, done just that. Thank you to all our listeners, we really appreciate everything you all do for us.  We love connecting with our listeners in these types of podcasts, if you would like to be on message us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or at www.whitetail_legacy@yahoo.com.

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