Does Hunting Morning Early Season Pay Off For Big Bucks

By-Cody Jenkins
From-Whitetail Legacy

Asking this question on Twitter @WhitetailLegacy. I wanted to give you my opinion and then share some responses with you.

With my season starting October 1st. I have never had good luck early season in the morning. I have tried hunting opening days every year and never seen a mature buck. Even on cool mornings, I believe they get back to there bed before daylight. I have hunted bedding, food plots and travel corridors. I believe if your season starts in September you may have a chance to catch a buck on summer feeding pattern.


Twitter Responses 

Post-In Kentucky our season opens up the first Saturday in September. If bucks are in summer pattern it doesn’t hurt one bit. I let my deer dictate when I hunt. Now once the nuts start to fall, I’d avoid mornings more. So it would be different for every state.
@FollowWhotetail post- I prefer to save AM for Oct 25-Nov 25, but it’s about selection: the right spot, at the right time, in the right conditions.  Never say never.  My rule is have a reason to hunt a specific spot early season AM.  Don’t hunt for the sake of hunting. Risk bumping a big buck.
Post- Scout in the am and hunt from Noon on. Until mid October

Post-I hunt more mornings than evenings in early season and have been successful. I hunt in Georgia so easy season is Sep. So it tends to be hot in the evenings.
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