Chasing Dreams; Wicked Obsession Outfitters

The journey that got Wicked Obsession Outfitters to where they are today, all started with a young kid from central Ohio. Whitetails has been Cameran Deerfield’s obsession for as far back as he can remember. He grew up hunting the rolling farmland of Ohio, and the deep hollows of Kentucky just dreaming about giant deer. As he got older he naturally got better and the passion burned deeper for mature whitetail.

When you believe anything is possible, it really is.

The path to this point has allowed Cameran to meet some of the best people in the world, and in those people he ran into a fellow hunter by the name of Josh Fairfax. They would talk of deer they were currently chasing, past hunts, and strategies and became very good friends. Josh was looking at leasing some property in those same Kentucky hills Cameran grew up hunting and did so. One day Josh called Cameran up and asked him a question that started a life changing journey for the both of them. They talked about if it was possible to lease a bunch of land down there and sell hunts, and if you know Cameran to any degree, he said “anything is possible”.

So they went in head first and within 3 months they had 10,000 acres of fine Kentucky ground and were expanding by the week. The rest is history, Cameran and Josh have a deep passion for whitetails and dreams big enough to fill a stadium. “It’s not been easy, we are gone every weekend missing birthday dinners, and family. The thing that keeps us going is knowing sacrifice is the only way to succeed.” – Cameran Derefield

With Wicked Obsession Outfitters, Cameran and Josh want to change the mindset of outfitting, the whole stigma of you just show up and hunt. They build relationships with their clients, and ask them what they are looking for in a deer and try their best to do meet the expectation set forth. “Once we find a deer that fits that we send them pictures and info of the deer constantly building the story. We want this to feel as much as home to them as hunting that family farm.” Wicked Obsession Outfitters offers a variety of hunting packages, from DIY bow hunts, velvet bow hunts, rifle hunts during the rut, early October muzzeloader hunts, rut bow hunts and more. “We work everyday to make our clients dreams come true and to live out a dream we both have had for a lifetime.” 

Be sure to look up Wicked Obsession Outfitters on Facebook and Instagram. Follow along with their season and message them if you are interested in booking a hunt.

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