My List of Top Outdoor You Tube Content Creators.

There are a ton of outdoor content creators on Youtube. Some have been doing it a long time and have a very good following. While others may have just started filming or just started hosting content on Youtube. I wanted to showcase some of the guys who are really putting in work and are not well know. These are guys I can relate to and understand there ups and downs of hunting/filming. We love giving a shout out to the underdogs that are putting in the work. So here my list of some of the best.
Last Breath TV #dontwasteit

My favorite is Last Breath Tv. I want to start off with saying there content is incredible. Literally some of the best hunting content on Youtube. The thing I love about them is there creators. What I mean by that is documenting a hunt and creating a story is two completely different things. Creating a story line is very challenging and they nail it every time. They also throw personality and fun into there videos. It also dosen’t hurt that they crush giant bucks every year. Plain and simple they #dontwasteit.

Team Break Down

Garrett Boelkes / Co-Founder

Grant Putnam / Co-Founder

Jesse Hines / Content Manager

Matt Bartlett / Content Manager

Jeff Aring / Field Staff

Logan Boelkes / Field Staff

Here is a few of my favorite films by them.

The Whitetail Experience

The whitetail experience started in 2016 with an idea.  An idea discussed around a broken truck and busch lights.  Andy and Dave had known each other since high school, and I began hanging out with them after college.  Dave had some success on a few good bucks on public land and I had been hunting public land for last couple years and started have more luck finding deer and finding bigger bucks.  

The goal was to put out a product that represented the average guy.  Then it evolved to put out a good product as well as a heavy emphasis on public land hunting.  “ I was tricked by the industry, I didn’t have much mentoring when I got into hunting and thought products and food plots killed deer” ( thought I needed a rage broadhead, maxima red arrows, scent killer sprays, and tinks 69) I didn’t see anything on scouting your ass off and getting away from people.  Even knowledge about not hunting small pieces till the time is right.  My goal was to show how average people can really kill deer

Team Break Down

David Ebright / The Talent

Bryon Horton/ Producer

Andy League / El Diablo (he can shoot)

My Favorite Films By Them

Otown Outdoors

Just your average group of guys that takes pride in producing above average hunting and outdoor content. They all have full time jobs, families, bills to pay; just like the next guy. But, there passion for big whitetails and gobbling turkeys always keeps them coming back for more. I love these guy. They are super passionate about hunting and creating content. I hope to meet them some day soon.

Team Break Down

Nick Miller / Team Member

Jake Miller / Team Member

Easton McNeil / Team Member

Korey Moyer / Team Member

My favorite films by them.

The Rise

These are my boys. We were able to meet them at Ata show last year. We look forward to working with these guys in the future.

The RISE is a like-minded film group who have the bow hunting passion running deep in there veins. Since the very beginning there mission has been simply to have fun, enjoy the great outdoors, and promote the bow hunting lifestyle through film. During the off-season they produce Videocast, and Video Vlogs where they hope to discuss trending topics along with showing task that many of today’s hunters can relate to. Starting September 15th each year we produce our 7-segment series; the project that our entire year revolves around. This is a 100-day, semi-live film series, which is aired in a bi-weekly fashion on Youtube. During this 100 days we travel far and wide, overcoming the everyday struggles and successes of bow hunting with hopes of achieving the goals we have set upon ourselves. This fall they will have semi-live hunts coming from Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa, all streaming to our Youtube channel at @therise_hunt, you wont want to miss it!

Team Break Down

Matt Tagget / Team Member

Tyler Bentley / Team Member

Alex Nadolski / Team Member

Nick Coheley / Team Member

Some Of My Favorite Films By Them

Instinctive Passion Outdoors

Instinctive Passion Outdoors! They are a group of hunters based out of Northeastern Ohio. Follow along on there journey as we chase big Whitetails, Eastern Gobblers, Predators and Big Fish. Not only will they bring awesome hunts, but they will be educating our viewers in the process. So if you’re tired of seeing perfectly scripted hunts, follow them along as they bring REAL LIFE EDUCATIONAL hunting videos.

Team Break Down

Stevie Ruhl /Team Member

Matt Williams / Team member

Devon Black / Team Member

Logan Bebout / Team Member

Zach Cromer / Team Member

Favorite Films

List Of A Few Buddys Who Just Started Filming. Content Releasing This Year

Josh Profitt BG Bowhunter

Over the years, just as the seasons change, so have I. With over 25 years of hunting experience, I’ve tried to adapt, grow and learn all that I can, all while staying humble and having fun. It took me years to hone this mentality but through success and failure, I’ve most importantly learned that God comes first and everything else should follow suite. With things in perspective, I now enjoy my seasons more than ever. For me, the process is the most enjoyable part. Don’t get me wrong, that big buck is definitely great too! I am a public land hunter. It’s takes grit and with that, I’ve learned to be a lion; not a sheep. The success of your hunts will reflect your scouting, simple as that. More scouting equals more success. Do what others won’t, to get what others haven’t. If someone shoots 30 arrows a day, you shoot 40. When they walk 5 miles scouting, you walk 10. Get the boots on the ground, think outside the box and have fun! When you enjoy the process more than the kill, you learn to appreciate it all a lot more. 

Bradley Collings 45 Outdoors

I’m going to be filming my first time really hunting private and the process going into that as well as hunting my favorite public spots and a few new ones. I plan on filming not only my season but getting my daughter in the woods more often. I already have a Turkey season video I’m wrapping up and it should be out soon. 

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